Step 11 of the 12 Step Program: The Key to Understanding #Social Media.


What is it about the number 12?  Jesus had 12 Disciples, there are 12 hours in a day (unless you’re a marketer),  the movie “The Dirty Dozen” had 12 members- I’m pretty sure – , there’s the 12 Days of Christmas,  12 inches in a foot, 12 Zodiac signs, and 12 people on a jury, Famous #Quarterbacks with #12 – Namath, Brady, Bradshaw,Kelly, Staubach, and Stabler, … and of course – 12 Step Programs.

Many say that the most important thing about a 12 Step Program is completing all the steps – all 12.  Duh.

But today, this posting is sponsored by the number #11.

After hearing so much about the success of the original 12 Step Program from A.A. (…and the endless jokes about multi-step programs to solve all) ,  I decided to read the steps for myself – and have discovered that Step 11 – is the best explanation I’ve ever read of how to understand how social media and PR should work.

Step 11  (“Tradition 11” from 12Step.Org)

Tradition 11
Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio and films.
Our relations with the general public should be characterized by personal anonymity. We think A.A. ought to avoid sensational advertising. Our names and pictures as A.A. members ought not be broadcast, filmed or publicly printed. Our public relations should be guided by the principle of attraction rather than promotion. There is never need to praise ourselves. We feel it better to let our friends recommend us.

There it is:

“We feel it better to let our friends recommend us. ” (Emphasis added)

Further, from the first line,

“… Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion…” 

Wow.  Just Wow.   Honestly, as a marketing leader I’ve understood the power of the recommendation – so expertly used by Amazon – and of course I’ve leveraged the power of a well crafted case study (video and written) – but the eloquence and simplicity of “Tradition 11” really resonates.

As many have noted- the power of Social Media is that it exponentially creates “friends” and like connections – and of course – there’s nothing more attractive than to have other people compliment us, either personally – or our products, services, and value.   And the guidance that PR should be based on attraction versus promotion?  Use the above explanation the next time someone in your organization insists on a press release promoting your new version 3.1459 – without a customer reference!

So,  going forward – I’ll now use the precepts of  “Step 11” to help clearly explain how Social Media and PR should be working!

(Please – Take 12 Minutes to think this through… )

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7.5 Winning Go-To-Market Launch Steps – What’s worked for me….


These simple 7.5 #GTM steps have worked for me  and in my experience they represent a high level guide to a winning GTM Launch Strategy – A strategy that doesn’t just take a “hand off” from product development teams – but a GTM plan that incorporates all stake holders, a plan that actually launches a product – fully vetted, supported, and ready to create revenue – versus a product that “escapes”.   Without the basic 7.5 steps, products frequently scurry out the company door – they run out into the world with just a press release – unready, immature, and without the support systems to  insure a quick revenue ramp.  Here we go!

  • Create a Virtual GTM stakeholder team  – a cohesive Go-To-Market Group (Matrix Mgmt. techniques are helpful here…)
    • Include:
      • Engineering & Design Teams
      • Field Service & Sales – Direct & Indirect
      • Finance
      • PR & AR – Under NDA
      • Corporate Marketing – Branding
      • Channel Leadership
  • Empower & Make Accountable –  your inclusive GTM Team (Above)
  • Become One with your market research team
    • Understand the audience & product BEFORE creating a marketing plan, SoMe campaign, and calendar- you know – the ‘marketing’ stuff
  • Engage with engineering and product design early in the Product Development cycle
    • Become a stakeholder with the engineer & design teams – reciprocity works!
  • Create a project plan that has the classic- “Red, Yellow, Green” milestones
    • Hold all stakeholders accountable!
    • Reflect missed milestones as delays to target launch date -(This really gets attention- and action!)
  • Early Briefings & Disclosures with NDAs
    • Customers, Analysts, and in some cases – trusted press contacts
    • Early engagement gives tremendous feedback and makes outside constituents stakeholders & trusted advisors – they will assume a vested interest in your products success
  • NO press releases – Without customer reference and quotes!  Avoid “Barney releases – I love you – You love me…” ,  – like you would Ebola.

And the “.5”  – just as important but usually missed –

  • Positioning Document -Develop an internal positioning overview that compares and shares;
    • Existing product & service offerings
    • Competitive Overview – Direct & Indirect
    • Availability – Perfect world is day of public announcement – of course…
    • Internal Stakeholder Directory – who’s who in the GTM Zoo to connect with for questions, issues, and of course praise, flattery, and adulation!

There are many excellent books and articles on how to create and run a successful #GTM launch strategy  – but for me -this process has worked and has  helped launch products and services that were ready for creating a fast revenue ramp on Day 1.

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Fear not IoT – Fear the real IoT. Internet-of-Thrones – Winter is coming – and so is IoT.


When #IoT – Internet of Things – achieves ubiquity in 2020 –  with up to 200 billion devices (per Cisco & Intel, and revenues of up to $117B in healthcare alone… )

Whose realm  will these loyal IoT subjects (aka.. things),  be aligned & connected too?

As we’ve all learned from #GOT, the Kings & Queens of every realm must have a following – volunteer or otherwise – to accomplish their goals.   It really matters little to the leaders of the realms if you are zealots or slaves or pawns – (…perhaps the exception is #Daenerys),  it only matters how BIG your army is – and what strategic “dragons” you may have at your disposal.   (It is also important to know who has #DragonGlass )

Given the recent #DDoS attacks – there are at least a few Black Hats that do have IoT #DragonGlass (#Mirai continues to be credited for the success of the most recent incident….)  Ironic that in Japanese – Mirai translates into “….the future…“.

So who will lead the IoT Kingdoms?   My money is on a few obvious choices – and those not so much…

IoT Dynasties  2016 – aka  – Internet of Thrones

Industrial Kingdoms – #GE, #Siemens, #Honeywell. #Boeing, #GM,

Healthcare Kingdoms – #McKesson, #IBM (Watson AI & Analytics), #GE, #Siemens, #Apple,#Philips, #BlueCrossBlueShield

Consumer Kingdoms – #Google, #Amazon, #Jet, #Alibaba, #LG, #Samsung

Cloud Kingdoms – #AWS, #Microsoft, #Oracle (Potential), #GoogleCloud

Of course,  this is not meant to be a representative example of all things #SmartSensors & #IoT – when you have $XXXXXB of addressable market in so many core industries – both Kings, Queens, and Princes – with a few well-heeled Dukes & Duchesses – have the potential to lead and control this nascent market.

Winter is coming…  and so is IoT – will it be beaten back by #Nest Smart Thermostats….?

Who will reign the IoT Kingdoms?  Choose wisely with whom you’ll pledge your loyalty…






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