Fear not IoT – Fear the real IoT. Internet-of-Thrones – Winter is coming – and so is IoT.


When #IoT – Internet of Things – achieves ubiquity in 2020 –  with up to 200 billion devices (per Cisco & Intel, and revenues of up to $117B in healthcare alone… )

Whose realm  will these loyal IoT subjects (aka.. things),  be aligned & connected too?

As we’ve all learned from #GOT, the Kings & Queens of every realm must have a following – volunteer or otherwise – to accomplish their goals.   It really matters little to the leaders of the realms if you are zealots or slaves or pawns – (…perhaps the exception is #Daenerys),  it only matters how BIG your army is – and what strategic “dragons” you may have at your disposal.   (It is also important to know who has #DragonGlass )

Given the recent #DDoS attacks – there are at least a few Black Hats that do have IoT #DragonGlass (#Mirai continues to be credited for the success of the most recent incident….)  Ironic that in Japanese – Mirai translates into “….the future…“.

So who will lead the IoT Kingdoms?   My money is on a few obvious choices – and those not so much…

IoT Dynasties  2016 – aka  – Internet of Thrones

Industrial Kingdoms – #GE, #Siemens, #Honeywell. #Boeing, #GM,

Healthcare Kingdoms – #McKesson, #IBM (Watson AI & Analytics), #GE, #Siemens, #Apple,#Philips, #BlueCrossBlueShield

Consumer Kingdoms – #Google, #Amazon, #Jet, #Alibaba, #LG, #Samsung

Cloud Kingdoms – #AWS, #Microsoft, #Oracle (Potential), #GoogleCloud

Of course,  this is not meant to be a representative example of all things #SmartSensors & #IoT – when you have $XXXXXB of addressable market in so many core industries – both Kings, Queens, and Princes – with a few well-heeled Dukes & Duchesses – have the potential to lead and control this nascent market.

Winter is coming…  and so is IoT – will it be beaten back by #Nest Smart Thermostats….?

Who will reign the IoT Kingdoms?  Choose wisely with whom you’ll pledge your loyalty…






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October 20, 2016 · 3:42 pm

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