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7.5 Winning Go-To-Market Launch Steps – What’s worked for me….


These simple 7.5 #GTM steps have worked for me  and in my experience they represent a high level guide to a winning GTM Launch Strategy – A strategy that doesn’t just take a “hand off” from product development teams – but a GTM plan that incorporates all stake holders, a plan that actually launches a product – fully vetted, supported, and ready to create revenue – versus a product that “escapes”.   Without the basic 7.5 steps, products frequently scurry out the company door – they run out into the world with just a press release – unready, immature, and without the support systems to  insure a quick revenue ramp.  Here we go!

  • Create a Virtual GTM stakeholder team  – a cohesive Go-To-Market Group (Matrix Mgmt. techniques are helpful here…)
    • Include:
      • Engineering & Design Teams
      • Field Service & Sales – Direct & Indirect
      • Finance
      • PR & AR – Under NDA
      • Corporate Marketing – Branding
      • Channel Leadership
  • Empower & Make Accountable –  your inclusive GTM Team (Above)
  • Become One with your market research team
    • Understand the audience & product BEFORE creating a marketing plan, SoMe campaign, and calendar- you know – the ‘marketing’ stuff
  • Engage with engineering and product design early in the Product Development cycle
    • Become a stakeholder with the engineer & design teams – reciprocity works!
  • Create a project plan that has the classic- “Red, Yellow, Green” milestones
    • Hold all stakeholders accountable!
    • Reflect missed milestones as delays to target launch date -(This really gets attention- and action!)
  • Early Briefings & Disclosures with NDAs
    • Customers, Analysts, and in some cases – trusted press contacts
    • Early engagement gives tremendous feedback and makes outside constituents stakeholders & trusted advisors – they will assume a vested interest in your products success
  • NO press releases – Without customer reference and quotes!  Avoid “Barney releases – I love you – You love me…” ,  – like you would Ebola.

And the “.5”  – just as important but usually missed –

  • Positioning Document -Develop an internal positioning overview that compares and shares;
    • Existing product & service offerings
    • Competitive Overview – Direct & Indirect
    • Availability – Perfect world is day of public announcement – of course…
    • Internal Stakeholder Directory – who’s who in the GTM Zoo to connect with for questions, issues, and of course praise, flattery, and adulation!

There are many excellent books and articles on how to create and run a successful #GTM launch strategy  – but for me -this process has worked and has  helped launch products and services that were ready for creating a fast revenue ramp on Day 1.

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